Friday, May 17, 2013

arI y m'bOsan kn ...

AssalamuaLaikum . .
huu bsaN Nya ak r ne ... noThing dat i can do  . huu pa2 pn watch my fVourie mVie hee .. adehh tiaP ari cmNe saNdi ehh .. but wHen i was tHnkg aBout my hUbby , he Comes hee .. sKe sgaT .. tp hubby keJa .. xnk gnggu by keja huu .. ne Lar nSib ak .. my liFetime is gonna be Like dis everyday haha .. skejaP gDuh ma hubby ak , kjAp ok ... b4 hubby left 2 work, its not be lke dis .. mYbe im wrong .. mybe its my fault .. myBe i be so jeLOus wHen hubby was so far from me huhu .. i miss my hubby sO muCh tHat i can do .  . alhaMduLiLLah Allah still gve me 2 stay alive n breathe . . i hopE my hUbby wiLL aLwaYs haPpY . . i Love u 4eVer huBby .. dad my promise 2 stiLL Love u 4ever .. i keeP it ..

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